Dani Hoots’ Review of The Rebel Trap, Rebel #2 by Lance Erlick

The Rebel Trap, Book #2 of Rebel by Lance Erlick


Publisher: Finlee Augare Books

Review by: Dani Hoots

The Rebel Trab by Lance Erlick follows a young girl by the name of Belle who has been thrown out the Mech Warrior institute because of not killing a young man she met on the battle arena. The story is set in a futuristic world where men have been outcasted and only women remain. Some men have been captured and are either imprisoned or used by the Mech Warrior institute for practice in how to kill. We are thrown in the middle of the action, where Belle has been kicked out of the Mech Warrior institute, if only for a second. Secretly, the leader of the institute wants her to stay and spy on the police force, as they fear it may be corrupt. Meanwhile, Morgan, the boy she saved, has escaped with other imprisoned boys and somehow is able to talk to Belle through a device in her brain. Along with this, Belle’s sister has been secretly recruited to the Mech Warriors as well. There are many twists and turns through this story and it always keeps you on your toes.

I found the characters to be quite dynamic, Belle being strong, yet still acting her age, he being only 16, which gave her a sense of realness. I wanted to know more about Morgan, but I think that more was explained in the first book, which I have yet to read. Belle reminded me a bit like Katniss, in that she was a strong warrior but sees the corruption of the world.

But also you know there is something going on, and the world is full of secrets…

There are a lot of secrets going on throughout the book, which left you wanting more when ending a chapter. I couldn’t put the book down and read it in only a few sittings. I loved how Lance Erlick was able to weave so much together, yet execute it in a way that made sense. The only problems I had were that I didn’t understand why the men had been exiled and I also didn’t like how he had a change in point of view since Belle was in first person, and in other chapters it was another person in third person. To me, that distracts from the flow, but it could just be a personal thing and I got used to it after a few chapters.

So if you like military science fiction, young adult science fiction, strong girl characters, or a complex plot and secrecy, this is definitely the book for you. It is a lot like Hunger Games meets AeonFlux, so if you enjoyed either of those movies, you will enjoy this series! I give it 4.5/5!

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