Thursday Harlequin Romance Cover Parodies- Perfect for the Chilly Winter Evenings

Several years back, I was on the internet, and stumbled by pure happenstance on the funniest crop of Harlequin Book Cover Parodies (Longmire does Harlequin Romance), thus inciting my love for great satire of this campy, silly genre. So, get your bedroom eyes eyes ready. and smoldering glances adjusted, for a funny look at some Harlequin book cover parodies, with covers that I found through random searches on Amazon

 Please do not take any of these seriously! If you are a writer of any of these books, I really hope you know that I made sure to link the cover images to your original works, where they are available to purchase on Amazon, so you know that this silly, fun project may even be construed as a form of flattering promotion for your works. In the future, you are allowed to poke fun at any of my book covers in well-earned vengeance for the following satirical defacements of your precious book covers.

Warning to those with a shred of proprietyPlease do not disabuse yourself of your respectability, by perusing these rather euphemistic (Shakespearean-style) parody covers!! Thank you!

man boobs

beached stud


Farm Animals
The subtitle for this lurid novel is as followed “No Dogs or Farm Animals were mistreated during the writing of this novel.”

steamy wenches

amish alien baby


rigor mortis

1001 amorous nights

saving christmas


fabulous brothers


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