Prince Lestat Online Midnight Party Details & Special Signed “Prince Lestat” Hardcover Giveaway

Dare to click the book cover below, to pre-order your copy, because this is a book you will not want to miss, if you view yourself as a serious fan of the Vampire Lestat…


**Click the GIF image of a joyous Lestat, in order to be redirected to the page to RSVP for the Prince Lestat Online Midnight party, commencing at 10pm. Eastern time, and ending at exactly midnight, allowing each and everyone time to get the book instantly via their Kindles,Nooks (any and all derivatives of such Ebook devices)!***

Details about the Party:  The party will be a two hour wrap up discussions, finalizing,polishing, and recapitulating any and all things that we discussed over the past few months. Below, you will find my published psychoanalytic essay (published for free via Wattpad for a short time only), which you may read to further deepen your own analysis of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicle books.

   Most important, you are encouraged to reminisce about past Anne Rice signings, or Lestat Balls, anything that is brought to the forefront of your mind, while we are all in the eager, anticipation-filled mood, of waiting for the most exciting time of the decade for all Anne Rice fans- the release of Prince Lestat.


**There will be prizes  given away during the broadcast (courtesy of the wonderful people of Knopf Publishing Group), which includes (1) a signed hardcover copy of Prince Lestat,  (2) an I “heart” Lestat pin, and  (3)  a special Lestat bookmark.** RSVP for the event by clicking this link to the appropriate Google Hangout on Air Page, and have your steaming mug of chicory coffee ready for two hours of intellectually intensive discussion of our favorite series of literary vampire books!!!
The contest is only open to those living in the US/Canada, which I know might seem prejudicial, but postage is pretty high, so I can only feasibly (based on my financial situation) ship things to those living in the US/Cananda. I apologize to all those outside of this US for this one policy, because I hate having to do it, knowing how many of you really love Anne Rice’s books, and how many of you have so much to contribute to this group!

SPECIAL BLOOD AND GOLD First Edition, Signed Hardcover Contest


I will be attending Anne Rice’s signing at 192 Books on October 28, 2014, and I am planning to get a copy signed and personalized for the winner on that date!! This is a special laminated (serving to protect the book) first-edition hardcover that is in very good condition. This contest helps further promote my self-publishing publicity and editorial services, for the many indie writers out there, and I really thank you, in advance for entering this contest, as these contests do go a long way with helping promote this service, so aptly named: A Bibliophile’s Workshop

Another hypothetical prize- Video Greeting, from Anne Rice herself!(still not definite, as of yet) is to record a special message at the signing, from Anne Rice, to the winner. I’m pretty certain she’d be really excited to do this, so it is a good chance that it may happen. But given time constraints at signings, this may not happen…Stay tuned for more details on this development.

Contest Rules:
     Winners are chosen randomly, by the Rafflecopter APP, and the contest is to everyone, with a few restrictions. For those living outside either US or Canada, you can enter, as long as you understood you are required to pay the postage, as I cannot afford to pay any international shipping costs. I’d love to, but I cannot feasibly offer this, in my current financial situation!

I apologize to those in the same boat, as well, who would not be able to afford the shipping costs. I am always remiss to post that following message, barring you from entering. It generally sucks, as so many of you are equally as passionate (or even more passionate) about Anne Rice’s  than anyone.

**Comic Shared by Coven Member, Jo Vee**
Read, and be entertained by this very amusing comic, which will serve as the Hyperlink image, that will allow you to be redirected to a Rafflecopter App. that will allow you to enter this contest!!


***Please send photos, artwork, letters, diary entries, an epistolary novel, something that you feel artfully engraves the impact Anne Rice’s stories have had on your life to with the subject line of “28 Days of Lestat! With your express permission being granted to share these things (one poem or song per day during the course of October, 2014, up till the 28th of October), I hope to post something each day- a small fragment of one person’s completely unique approach to the series, which will hopefully come together, impressively, on the 28th of October, to virtually reconstruct the different views and memories people attach to this series, the character of Lestat, and many of the other vampires (or immortal species) Anne has created, in an uncannily realistic way, which makes us believe that these characters are very real, and existing amongst us.

    Also, be sure to share anything Vampire Chronicles-related on the Lestat Book Coven Facebook Group Page, any comment sections on all 28 individual #28daysofLestat posts here on this blog, or on Twitter,Instagram, Tumblr, and beyond!!

**For those who reside in the vicinity of New York, NY, Anne Rice will be at 192 Bookstore in New York, NY on October 28th, 2014 (coinciding with the official release of Prince Lestat)   

**Update about live Memnoch the Devil Reading:  The hypothetical Memnoch the Devil Reading, at St. John the Divine Cathedral, has been cancelled (even though it was never a finalized event, at any time in the planning stages). There wasn’t enough time for the right preparations for this event to be made. I apologize for the few that were looking forward to this. The signing, as you are always well-aware of, is still going to happen. Hope you all have a wonderful time, at the event!

**Those of you, who do not live in the New York area still have a chance to meet Anne Rice, and get your treasured/beloved copies of Prince Lestat signed.

Several venues have discreetly posted some ticket information for the upcoming Prince Lestat book tour.  I will try finding more, and posting them below, with hyperlinked text for your convenience!! If you need help finding a signing near you, leave a comment below, or email me at

*Updated list of Prince Lestat signings, kindly borrowed from Anne Rice’s Facebook Fan Page

    COMING SOON; There will be a special sub-page, for you to share pictures, videos, etc. from any of the events below!!

Tuesday, October 28—NEW YORK, NY

7:00 pm


192 Books/Paula CooperGallery

534 W. 21st Street

New York, NY 10011

Buy tickets here! (Scroll down on “Upcoming Events Page” to find tickets)

Sunday, November 2 — NEW ORLEANS, LA



Garden District Book Shop

2727 Prytania Street

New Orleans, LA 70130

Buy Tickets here!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

12:00 pm


Harvard Bookstore

1256 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge,MA  02138

Buy Tickets here!


Writers On A New England Stage

The Historic Theater

28 Chestnut Street

Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801

Buy Tickets Here!

Wednesday, November 5 — HARTFORD, CT


Reading and Q+A

Hartford Stage

50 Church Street

Hartford, CT 06103

Buy Tickets Here!

Thursday, November 6—PHILADELPHIA, PA


Q+A interview with Vicky Wilson

Philadelphia FreeLibrary

1901 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103


BOOK SIGNING in the lobby

Buy Tickets Here!

Friday, November 7—NEW YORK, NY

7:00 pm

Anne and Christopher Rice Conversation

The Strand

828Broadway @ 12th Street

NewYork, NY 10003-4805

8:00 pm

Buy Tickets Here!


Saturday, November 8—CHICAGO, IL

4:00 pm

Conversation with Vicky Wilson

Chicago Humanities Festival

UIC Forum — Main Hall AB

725 W. Roosevelt Road

Chicago, IL  60608

5:00 pm



Sunday, November 9—LOS ANGELES, CA

5:00 pm

Bent Con with Christopher and Eric Shaw Quinn

on The Dinner Party Show


Tuesday, November 11 — SANTA ROSA, CA

7:00 pm

Anne and Christopher Rice Conversation

Copperfield’s BooksEvent

Santa Rosa Theater

8:00 pm


Buy Tickets Here!

Wednesday, November 12—SAN FRANCISCO, CA

7:00 pm


Books, Inc. in OperaPlaza

601 Van Ness

San Francisco, California94102

Buy Tickets Here!

Friday, November 14  TORONTO, Canada

6:00 pm


Inspire book fair

Penguin Random House booth

Buy Tickets here!

Monday, November 17— MIAMI, FL

Miami Book Festival—with Victoria Wilson

Tuesday, November 18—DALLAS, TX

5:00 pm


Half-Price Books

5803E. Northwest Hwy.

Dallas,TX 75231

Buy Tickets Here! (Special Receipt Available, upon purchase of Prince Lestat, at 9am. on day of event!)

Wednesday, November 19—LOS ANGELES/SANTA MONICA, CA

8:00 pm

Anne and Christopher Rice conversation

Moss Theatre

New Roads School

3131 Olympic Boulevard

Santa Monica, CA 90404

8:45 pm

Audience Q&A

9:05 pm


Buy Tickets Here!

Saturday, November 22—TEMPE, AZ

3:00 pm

BOOK SIGNING with Christopher Rice

Changing Hands

6428 S. McClintock Dr., Tempe, AZ 85283

Buy Tickets Here!

Saturday, December 6—PALM SPRINGS, CA

1:00 PM

BOOK SIGNING with Christopher Rice


515 N. Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, CA 92262

No Ticket Information Available, you may want to try calling the book store, at the following number (760) 864-1300, anytime between 9am.-6pm.

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