28 Days of Lestat-Day 2-A Coven Member’s Poem, About Louis

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Day 2 (of 28 Total Days) Post: A member of Lestat’s Book Coven sent this poem in, and wanted this work of theirs to be published here to help continue our showcase of fan works, and other written materials reflecting the profound emotional impact Anne Rice’s works has had on each of us.

This fan wrote this poem, from the perspective of Louis during the course of Interview with the Vampire. The writer also told me that the poem was written, when they were eighteen…

I hope you enjoy this work of poetry, and feel comfortable sending something to narniafanatic@gmail.com (my main email address). As with this writer, your identity will be masked, if you feel more comfortable writing under the guise of anonymity!

Past Tense (Poem written by Coven Member, not myself)

Good evening, my Maker
Master, muse, and lover
I would ask you how you are
But I think I know the answer

I wish that you would walk with me
Laugh and dance and talk with me
But you sit huddled in that chair
And stare lifelessly up at me

I still hear your cane tapping on the street
You see a lovely woman, and both of your eyes meet
You smile then, and your eyes sparkle
And I must admit defeat

In that moment, you were living
Lines of Shakespeare in your head
You tipped your hat and bowed politely
Now you sit and cry instead

I still see your cloak around the corner
I still hear your laugher  down the halls
I still see your impish grin
And hear your quiet footfalls

Our fiendish family was star-crossed
And now we’ve paid the price
We’ve suffered through our endless nights
For every sin and vice

Now I’m here, and so are you
So I really must confess
Seeing your now fragile state
I think I miss you less and less

Long ago were those nights
Of your former flawless frame
Now you grab my hand, beg me so to stay
And I begin to wonder why I came

   ***Please send photos, artwork, letters, diary entries, an epistolary novel, something that you feel artfully engraves the impact Anne Rice’s stories have had on your life to narniafanatic@gmail.com with the subject line of “28 Days of Lestat! With your express permission being granted to share these things (one poem or song per day during the course of October, 2014, up till the 28th of October), I hope to post something each day- a small fragment of one person’s completely unique approach to the series, which will hopefully come together, impressively, on the 28th of October, to virtually reconstruct the different views and memories people attach to this series, the character of Lestat, and many of the other vampires (or immortal species) Anne has created, in an uncannily realistic way, which makes us believe that these characters are very real, and existing amongst us.

Also, be sure to share anything Vampire Chronicles-related on the Lestat Book Coven Facebook Group Page, any comment sections on all 28 individual #28daysofLestat posts here on this blog, or on Twitter,Instagram, Tumblr, and beyond!!
COMING SOON….News about Prince Lestat Book Coven Release Party Festivities-New York NY

**For those who reside in the vicinity of New York, NY, Anne Rice will be at 192 Bookstore in New York, NY on October 28th, 2014 (coinciding with the official release of Prince Lestat)  I’ll be attending the New York event, and there are some exciting events, planned ahead of the signing at 7pm. Eastern at 192 Bookstore, which hypothetically, may include a special dinner and “Coven of the Articulate” Dinner at a New Orleans-style restaurant or coffee shop There is also the chance that there may be a special event at the legendary St. Patrick’s Cathedral, in Manhattan, where a live reading of Memonch the Devil will take place, reminding all fans of one of Lestat’s more daunting adventures through heaven and hell that occurred nearly two decades ago

**Those of you, who do not live in the New York area still have a chance to meet Anne Rice, and get your treasured/beloved copies of Prince Lestat signed.

Several venues have discreetly posted some ticket information for the upcoming Prince Lestat book tour.  I will try finding more, and posting them below, with hyperlinked text for your convenience!! If you need help finding a signing near you, leave a comment below, or email me at narniafanatic@gmail.com.

For your convenience, all events that are not free events (a vast majority, unfortunately, are events that have charges attached/require tickets) happen to have asterisks (*) next to them:

If you manage to find any more events, please leave the link and other pertinent details in the comment area below! Thanks.

*October 28, 2014- Anne Rice& Victoria Wilson Book Signing- New York , NY (ticket information pending, stay tuned for details on where & how to securely purchase tickets for this signing)
*November 2, 2014- Anne Rice & Christopher Rice Book Signing New Orleans,LA
November 5, 2014- Anne Rice, In Conversation with Christopher Rice- Hartford, CT (for some reason, this event is a bit exorbitantly priced)
November 6, 2014- Anne Rice, In conversation with Victoria Wilson- Philadelphia, PA
*November 8, 2014- Anne Rice, In conversation with Victoria Wilson- Chicago, Il
*November 19, 2014- Anne Rice, In conversation with Christopher Rice- Los Angeles, CA   
(Click the hyper-linked text, to be referred to site to buy tickets!)

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