Review of ‘Storm Siren’ by Mary Weber

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Then I see my eyes. Standing out like sea sirens- clear, salty, ice blue. I don’t even look good enough to be a slave. I look like a curse.

Storm Siren is the tale of the slave girl, Nym, who believes herself cursed. Nymia is a slave in the war torn lands of Faelen waiting on the auction block for her fifteenth sale when she is purchased by the exquisitely insane Adora. Adora upon discovering that Nymia is an Elemental, a Storm Siren, gives her an option… save the war torn lands of Faelen by using her powers, or die.

Thus begins Nymia’s adventure and training as an elemental. It is within the courts of Adora that Nymia befriends Breck and Colin, the latter also being an elemental. Both Colin and Nymia are trained by Eogan to become weapons of war, Colin as a Terrene and Nymia as a Storm Siren. As everyone around Nymia views her ability as a gift and a talent, Nymia struggles within herself to see in the mirror more than a monster and a cursed woman

Storm Siren is a novel filled with politics, adventure, bizarre parties, colorful characters, and romance. The novel is illustrated so beautifully in the tale of a woman so beautiful and strong who struggles internally every moment with her own strength and self. Storm Siren is not your average, run of the mill fantasy story. Written within the story is the revelation of a young girl dealing with everyday insecurities of self and appearance. Nymia is a character that so many can relate to and come to appreciate for with reading Nymia’s story the reader can find strength within themselves.

Nymia’s story in Storm Siren of her gift and curse helps the reader realize that differences are beautiful and there is truly a strength within. Weber’s development of Storm Siren helps the reader realize and appreciate that it is a wonderful thing to be different, and differences are nothing to be ashamed of.

A heart surrender. Almost painful in its approach, beckoning tears to my eyes as it renders my defenses nonexistent.

Storm Siren is a captivating, lovely story with a powerful, beautiful message. The book ends with an unexpected cliffhanger that leaves me eager for the next chapter in Nymia’s story. Those that search for strength, magic, love, and struggles both internal and external in their stories will appreciate Storm Siren. After all it is not just a story of a Storm Siren, but a story that when you peel away the layers the reader can find themselves. It is as if Nymia was a reflection staring back, encouraging the reader to embrace the differences and love who they are.

I eagerly await the second book in the Storm Siren series, especially with such a bold cliff hanger that left my jaw dropping and wishing the next book was out now. Well done, Mary Weber, well done indeed.  You have me hooked.

I told you that you couldn’t save them both

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  1. Great review, Jessica! I’ve read a lot of positive feedback on “Storm Siren” the past couple weeks, so your take on it convinces the fantasy nut in me that I ought to read this book. Also, have you read Maria Snyder’s “Poison Study”? From the sounds of it, the beginning of “Storm Siren” sounds very similar to “Poison Study” (female protagonist makes a split-second decision between “death” and a life of danger and self-discovery), but other aspects make it clear that it’s not the same story retold by someone else.


    1. CharmedLfe says:

      Thank you for the positive review Sara 🙂 I really enjoyed reading *Storm Siren* and hope you will as well when you have the opportunity to read it. I have not had a chance to read any of Maria Snyder’s work but her works are certainly on my *to be read* list. Thanks again for the great feedback and suggestions!

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