Review of Tic-Tac-Tome-The Autonomous Tic Tac Toe Playing Book by Willy Yonkers and Nobles/Goodreads/ Quirk Books

Judgement Day is upon us!!

To truly experience this neat, though slightly short-termed period of tic tac toe fun, you might want to make sure that you put anything that could distract you down.  It is important that you pay close attention to the more subversive qualities of this so-called Tic Tac Tome.  For fans of the Terminator series, this tome hides a much more sinister side. From the beginning of the book, the cerebral (supposedly infinite smarter) brain at work in the book leads you, under false pretensions, to believe that it can somehow outwit,outmatch you in a game of Tic Tac Toe.

By flipping the pages with precision and calculation, you will find that the artificial intelligence of this book- your Tic Tac Tome rival- is further proof of the impending Judgement Day: the day that Terminator fans apprehensively recognize as the day that the machines or any form of artificial intelligent will overtake us. For the shrewd observer, Tic Tac Tome thus hides a much more menacing purpose than innocently claiming that it can beat you at the conventional game of Tic Tac Toe

Hidden in Tic Tac Tome’s pages is irrefutable, frightening proof of the apocalypse to come- the judgement day when the machines will claim dominion over all of us.  Tic Tac Tome is just the beginning of this bewildering trend, and eventually more and more books and Iphone Apps will appear, where the artificial intelligence at the core of these seemingly innocent “games” are actually betraying the fact that the machines are getting smarter. And, it appears the Quirk Books allow one of the machines to publish this tome that cautions us against the impending doom that the machines have for us.

Will you be the chosen one, the John Carter of Tic Tac Tome  players, and rise up from anonymity and  be able to triumph against the impossible odds set against you, when you open to either the front or back of Quirk Book’s Tic Tac Tome? The more people that can beat the artificial intelligence at the core of this book, the more that Turk’s efforts at ushering in Judgement Day will be effectively squelched. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to show Tic Tac Tome, who is boss, when it comes to being the Tic Tac Toe master!

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