Special Lev Grossman “Magician’s Kit” Giveaway!!

Become like Prospero from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and train yourself to become a literary wizard, utilizing things from the enviable, enigmatic “Magician’s Kit!”

****Contest only open to those living the USA! Thanks!****

I have never had the opportunity yet to read Lev Grossman’s Magician trilogy, but I have heard some rather excellent things about it. First off, I do know Lev Grossman from Harry Potter fame, who wrote some wonderful articles about our favorite children’s fantasy writer, who inadvertently wrote a highly entertaining fantasy series that appeal to a wide spectrum of readers. When I finally get the chance to start reading this whimsical series, I will be allowing all my dedicated readers here at A Bibliophile’s Reverie the opportunity to hear my own thoughts on Lev Grossman’s series, and how it both subverts and honors the various conventions of the fantasy genre. Maybe, we’ll have the author featured on my blog’s newest interactive feature: Google Hangouts on Air with Writers

For now, you’ll all have a chance to enter for your opprotunity to win a Magician’s Kit, kindly offered by the wonderful publicity wizards over at Penguin/Viking!

The Magician’s Kit is comprised of:

  • An excerpt booklet containing Chapter 1 of THE MAGICIAN’S LAND
  • Clock-face buttons in 3 different designs: click to view here
  • A set of 4 postcards featuring Magicians fan art by Christopher Shy

   Click the photo of Helen Mirren as Prospera (from a rather strange, though weirdly appealing adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest) for a chance to win the Magician’s Kit!!

Important Note about Rafflecopter App: A winner is chosen at random!! With my last contest utilizing this fine app, I mistakenly thought the winner was the person, who accrued the most entries. No, more entries only equal a greater chance at having the app randomly select a winner. I added an emphasis to the word “random.” Thank you!

Again, the contest is open only to those living in the US, as the publisher kindly offered the ship the prize, as long as the winner lives in the USA. Thanks for understanding! 😀

Contest ends June 10 at 12:00am. Eastern! Stay tuned for reviews of the first two installments of Lev Grossman’s fantasy series!!

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