Dani Hoots’ Review of Dawn of the White Light by Robert M.K. Turner

Dawn of the White Light: A Man’s Terrifying Search for the Answer to his Nightmares by Robert M.K. Turner

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Review Written by: Dani Hoots

Dawn of the White Light by Robert M.K. Turner follows some tales revolving around Roskane Abbey in Ireland, starting when it was built, and the majority taking place in present day 2014. Most of the story follows Andy Salter, a salesman in Bath, England, who gets hired to paint a picture of Roskane Abbey. Throughout the book, he starts working on the painting and weird things start to happen and after his wife is attacked by the strange ghost-like creature that came out of the painting, he decides to visit the abbey himself. It is a rather creepy story, not for someone who is easily scared…

But it is rather slow in a good portion of the novel. It follows too much of the everyday things that the main character, Andy Salter, does. I found these descriptions to be tedious and didn’t find myself wanting to know more. It could have just been the style of writing, but it wasn’t my cup of tea…

I also had trouble understanding who was talking in some of the dialogue sections. Along with this, I wanted more description of the settings. I happened to be visiting Bath while reading (which was rather creepy) but the story didn’t seem to be taking place in Bath. I felt as if it could be taken and put anywhere else in Britain or the world for that matter. I wanted to feel more grounded in the area, Bath is beautiful and unique but it didn’t feel that way in the story.

The last portion of the novel is where it got interesting, but once I finished it, I didn’t feel as if it really ended. A lot of questions went unanswered and I didn’t see the connections that the author was trying to make. I won’t give away the ending, but I sure felt as if Indiana Jones could come in at any moment and save the day…

To conclude, I give the novel a 2.8/5.0. It was a creepy story, but I couldn’t get completely drawn into it.


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