Lestat Book Coven Discussion# 2 Questions and Assignment Details

Hi Coven/ Prospective Members of Lestat’s Book Coven (Visit the Lestat Book Coven on details, about how to join!)

Monday’s discussion went wonderfully, and many people left many interesting points about the first thirty-five pages of Interview with the Vampire. Nearly all the participant’s substantive responses reflected the depth of Anne Rice’s work in the first thirty-five pages. Many also cited the contradictions that exist between both Louis and Lestat’s account of their lives.

By the time Prince Lestat  is released October 28, 2013; our many months ahead of planned discussion will certainly intellectually prepare us for reading that work with a fresh pair of critical eyes.
Assignment Details:

Again, there are no clear chapter breaks in the book, but I have decided to end this upcoming Monday’s reading at approx. page 70 (in the three book in one BN omnibus edition). The last lines of this reading are “But I had saved Babette’s physical life. I was not to know that until later.”

Here are the three discussion questions for the discussion this upcoming Monday. (I’ll post these tomorrow in the newsletter again!)

1.As a reader, what are your first impressions of Louis’ fleeting affection for Babette? Do you think this segment of the book serves as an occurrence of foreshadowing about any future scenes within the book?

2. Explain the importance of the scene, portraying Lestat’s father death, in connection with many of the other scenes of death that precede this scene.

3.Do you think Babette’s “Get thee behind me Satan!” serve as an example of a “self-fulfilling prophecy,” in relation to Louis’ core ethical dilemma in the story?

Most of our discussions have been taking place at our Facebook Group Page, which can be found here:

Knopf Publishing Group has finally made the much-anticpated, Prince Lestat, available for pre-order, either through Barnes and Noble’s web store or Amazon.com

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