Prepare yourself for OUAT/OUAT in Wonderland Live Snarking in 1.5 Hours.

Before sitting down comfortably to watch tonight’s  mid-season premier of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, remember to log onto to Twitter to get wind of my newest live snarks via the hashtag #ONCERSNARK. My account name is Fantastyfreak.

Tomorrow,  check out my elaborate summary post  of my snark-infect, spoiler ridden discussion of the episode!!

Here is a preview from tonight’s episode (airing at 8pm eastern on ABC):

Personally, I don’t really like these scenes with Cyrus and Alice. They’re a bit too mushy/sappy. The strong element of the show is the banter between Knave of Hearts & Alice. Basically, their friendship mirrors the strongly humorous, completely platonic friendship between the female protagonists and male side-kicks that exist in Maria V. Snyder’s books.

I’ll have much more snark about Cyrus at 8pm on Twitter. Don’t worry, I’m only posting during commercial breaks, for I’ll be too caught up in the action to tweet at the same time.

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