Blog Update: August 2013


Much like Tombstone pizza, this blog was frozen for some time, but now has been revived from it’s frozen state..

I’ve had to dutifully play the reverse role of a real coroner, informing everyone that this blog has not really died. Sometimes, the long hiatuses, like the dry spell of July 2013 on this blog, may have spawned some death hoaxes about this blog. I thank all my readers for not dashing off to Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr to misinform the masses that this blog were somehow dead. There was a drought, but not a death.
Anyways, I apologize, once again, for not providing any updates, as planned, for most of the month of July. I’ve been re-reading the entire Harry Potter series, which I believe is a very good excuse for not being able to fulfill my usual blogging duties.
Throughout this week, I will be updating the “Upcoming Books for Review” section and cleaning out the cobwebs that have accumulated there. August 2013 signifies requisite summer cleaning on this blog.
As always, Check the Facebook Fan Page  for further updates about upcoming contests and other related updates about this blog.

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