New Cover-Art for the Mortimer Drake Series

    If you have been checking Greg Wilkey’s updates on Anne Rice’s Facebook page, you are well-informed then of the exciting release of the newest cover art for the first two books “Mortimer Drake” series. The release of the cover art for the third novel, Hope Against Hope,  is still pending.  As though the premise of the series was not enticing enough, these new covers, created by talented graphic artist Ran Valerhon, should hopefully persuade more people to check out this series.

Cover for Growing Up Dead: Book 1

Cover for Out of the Underworld: Book 2

In other news about the Mortimer Drake series, the upcoming review and interview for this upcoming Friday will feature the third book:the penultimate installment in the Mortimer Drake series. The series will conclude with the fourth book, Star Blood,  which should be released sometime this summer (my bets rest on either end of July or beginning of August)

Upcoming Book Review/Interview (Posted Simultaneously on both this blog and my newest WordPress blog)
Friday, June 14th
Hope Against Hope (the third installment of the Mortimer Drake series)
4129PQkMizL (1)
Amazon (Kindle & Print Edition)Facebook Fan Page for “Mortimer Drake”/Author Website

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