Escape from Blogger Hell:Blog Moving to WordPress or Elsewhere

     For all my blog readers and publisher contacts, my blog will be immediately moved to WordPress with a few minimal changes to the blog. If you are confused by this seemingly impulsive action, I have taken it upon myself to move my blog due to the influx of spammers that have seized my blog’s link and have maliciously utilized the link for their own advertising gains. Essentially, porn sites that probably fund the barbaric practice of sex-trafficking are engaging in the most perfidious of activities; they are using my link and blog’s reputation to use my link as a way for their porn-site to appear through Google searches for any blog posts from this blog.  Every-time a user tries searching for “A Bibliophile’s Reverie,” they will inadvertently be getting results for this nasty porn empire of a site that has taken other blogger’s links without any consent, and used our links to have more visibility for their garbage heap of a site.

    I’m deeply disgusted and very frustrated right now with blogger’s lack of support for smaller blogs, who have had this horrible, invasive insurrection being launched against their blog. I use the word “insurrection” to garner your serious attention to just how awful this practice is. Sometimes, I think the squalor of the internet, aka. the spammers, are clearly launching a full-scale war against bloggers for the purveyance of porn-related spam. I don’t want my blog’s name associated with these trashy sites, and I am deeply disappointed with the lack of security tools that Blogger offers to their users that nearly all computer users have in the form of Norton Security on their computers. You’d think  by now that Blogger might grow up for once, and adapt themselves to the new state of the internet that includes spammers, viruses, and spywares. This kind of malicious activity on the internet is not necessarily new, but Blogger’s unwillingness to deal with it accordingly has sunk many good bloggers into a state of obsolescence. Nearly all the clicks on my blog for the past year have been that of Spammers.

    It is with great anger that I leave this horrid blogging site. I will leave my blog up on Blogger for three more weeks, giving enough time for people to find my new link possibly on either WordPress or elsewhere. The bottom line is that there is absolutely no way it will stay on this cesspool of a blog site. Blogger needs to wake up, and offer more security options to subvert the seedier elements of the internet. As a user of Blogger for six or seven years, I declare Blogger as one of the worst sites to use for running a blog!

    That is why I haven’t posted for a week; I’ve been toying with the idea of abandoning Blogger for weeks. But, I don’t feel that leaving Blogger behind without audaciously voicing my negative sentiments about this awful site will do much good. I plan on writing an email directly to blogger, and voicing the opinions held by other small blogs that I have seen become overrun with spammers. I feel like my small, quaint bookstore  of a blog has become invaded by feral zombies, and my overseers gave me no tools to fend off these grisly beasts.

   Well, Blogger thinks that they don’t need to provide any security tools for your blogs: “Here is a small comment area option that will allow you to control comments. Of course, you’ll have tons of spammers linking through your blog and be done underground work to slowly tear your blog to pieces. There’s nothing we can do; we’re controlled by Google. This is your problem.” I’ll see if WordPress is really any better. At this point, I think these blog sites are all deluded into thinking that spammers are mostly harmless nonentities.

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