Anne Rice’s Wolves of Midwinter Cover Reveal/Official Book Release News

Click the above picture for the official news, courtesy of Anne Rice’s Facebook page

         News of the sequel to one of my favorite Anne Rice books,other than Interview with the Vampire, has been made officiated. For fans that are always keeping abreast of the latest news on her Facebook page, many of you are already aware of the news. For those of whom on here, who are solely followers of this blog, this will come as surprising news for all of you. If you haven’t read the first novel, The Wolf Gift, it comes highly recommended from me. I recently included it as part of a psychoanalytic paper on the psychological progression of Anne Rice’s hero/monster characters. Her books are imbued with so much psychological depth and intrigue.
      They are truly at the pinnacle of what supernatural fiction can succeed with in terms of relevant discussion about existentialism, philosophy, metaphysics, and the evolution of art. The Wolf Gift  is certainly no exception in the way it psychoanalyze the psyche of the vigilante hero, and how Reuben Golding really represents the first prime example of the stabilizing “ego” figure of so many of Anne Rice’s multitude of different characters that represent distinctive parts of Freud’s model of the unconscious mind. These books are thankfully ambiguous enough in these details to allow for any analysis; they are truly that well-written, in my modest opinion. Recently, I wrote one of the most enjoyable academic papers of my life, and it was all due to the intellectual discourse that underpins the seemingly frivolous action of these books. I cannot wait to see what depths of either the human psyche and spirituality that Anne Rice plans to explore within The Wolves of Midwinter.  As with any of you, I just can’t bear the long slog that this wait presents for many of us. Therefore, the below plans for my upcoming blog theme should assuage our impatience
News about Pertinent  Blog Theme for the Summer
“Werewolf Renaissance”

     I’m so excited about The Wolves of Midwinter  to the point, where I feel the need to establish a blog theme that will act as an ongoing countdown for the release of The Wolves of Midwinter. Starting today and ending sometime in October around the release of The Wolves of Midwinter, I will be offering relevant posts that will involve a re-read of The Wolf Gift, along with deeper explorations into what makes that novel such an intellectual feast for our minds. Discussions will include the role of nature within the novel, more discussion about the various references made to other books within the Gothic fiction cannon that are alluded to throughout the book, and how The Wolf Gift  reads analogously as a metaphorical portrayal of some of Teilhard De Chardin’s many unconventional ideas about spirituality. Anne Rice does not just simply make artful references to it in her book. Many of the events within the novel, particularly Reuben Golding’s development from a idealistic journalist to a complex, hybridized man-wolf, reflects Teilhard De Chardin’s interesting reflections on the ongoing intellectual progression of humanity. In some ways, The Wolf Gift  goes more into the depths of Lestat’s image of “The Savage Garden.” More will be discussed in the coming months, of course, about this and various other issues for the novel.


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