Blog Hiatus for April


   Right now, I’m working under the gun on my senior thesis, which fittingly revolves around Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. For that reason, I haven’t been able to post any real reviews for the last few weeks, and the interminable pace of updates will continue for the whole of April. This thesis is slowly invading my subconscious, and it will be next to impossible to review anything with so much of my energy concentrated on this one painstaking task.
    Things will be back to normal in May!!

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  1. I think the trouble with Rice's foray into EL MUNDO VAMPIRISMO is that she put a cap on it. She solved the mystery. She told us how it started. No longer eternal, just long lived.And too much leather and lace 'Lord Byronism'… Contagion goes for brick layers too, you know. But she WAS the first contemporary to revive the genre. That, she did. thanks for sharing. Happy writing!


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