Asteroid Survival Kit

Survival Kit for Asteroid DA14 Day
(Well..for the asteroid that will not hit us, according to NASA)

Celebrate with these movie and books:

The Last Policeman

    While it could have read like a conventional police procedural, Ben Winter’s awesome crime book also had an added element of danger: the impending collision of an asteroid that may foil anyone’s crime-solving enthusiasm… Read it before the next time DA14 enters into the orbital tract


  As you’re biding your time before the next real asteroid collision, watch this crappy movie and remind yourself that impending apocalyptic doom can offer campy euphoria!

   Unprepared for the sheer Michael Bay-esque cheesiness, watch Nostalgia Chick’s mocking review instead!

Life as We Knew It

         While this story is mostly about the highly improbable of the moon (hearkening to the terrible Time Machine  film from nearly a decade ago), this book does a great job fashioning a highly believable story about the human face of apocalyptic disaster.


Help me! This movie is trapping me in the mire of its own self-aggrandized pretensions….

      Apologies to Melancholia fans! This movie really puts the futility of our lives into a melodramatic/nonsensical perspective  I give you Melancholia-the most absurd, pretentious movie that would make any emo person cheer with masochistic glee.  (Yes, the very nature of art is counter-intuitive . when we realize how meaningless life is….)Its just so terrible that the movie even metaphorically commits suicide by the end because it cannot suffer the pangs of its miserable existence. Watch this if you ever wanted to see hyperbolic gloom be reenacted on the screen in such laughable, overly dramatic ways.

Spoilers Ahead….

Watch with either awestruck horror or pure, diabolical laughter as Melancholia  commits suicide. When the world ends, shut off Mozart, stop reflecting on any meaning in life, and make a tepee out of sticks…The movie is about to do something unprecedented: Commit Suicide!!

When you’re laughing at this film.. Beware of Mr. Mcnitpick…

“How dare you make fun of this poignant masterpiece?”
(Character created by Nostalgic Critic)

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  1. Emily says:

    Justin, I read the novel Life as we Knew it and own it, it was a somewhat okay young adult book, and it was based in pennsylvania which add that interesting aspect to it. The storyline was somehow lacking though, the ending wasn't as good as the first couple chapters, and have not yet seen Armageddon.


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