News About "A Bibliophile’s Reverie"

Note for all readers:
 A Bibliophile’s Reverie is going through some grand, slightly unprecedented changes. I’m well aware that I’ve been hinting at this for the last few months, but these changes will slowly be appearing on this blog over the course of the new few months. Details about all these features will not be divulged in full detail within this particular post, yet there will be more information in coming months once the ideas become more fleshed out.

      Note to Publishers/Authors:

    First off, I have been very inept with returning emails about book inquiries, or even following through with requests. That explains why I’ve taken up a very decreased amount of review or interview requests. Please be aware that I check my email routinely, and I’m going to try to include far more reviews in the future. I am changing my format to effectively abridge the content, and make it far easier to read in a short amount of time.
   Right now, my format involves lengthy reviews that are really not written in a very pleasing format (in my personal opinion at least). My  review format will be changing for the better and I’m really hoping make this blog a far more interactive space! I’m sure you’ll really appreciate the changes once they come.

    If you are looking for contact information, my email address (narniafanatic(at)gmail(dot)com is on the right side of the page towards the top.  When writing emails, please be sure to include “Review/Interview Inquiry” on the subject area: this will make it easier for me to both find what emails truly need to read and answered in a timely fashion.
    I’ve gotten some very good requests over the last year, and I apologize above all else for my failure to either meet your request or even answer your emails. That is a failing on my part. Thanks to all your past requests/future requests!! I really hope to accommodate more requests in the future.

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