Clownish Scavenger (Based on Emilie Autumn’s Scavenger)

    Clownish Scavenger

 Bodies Dumped daily outside

   Bring me sweet, untainted warmth
        Biding my time, I examine
         Each ligament, every part
           Meticulous, I must be
      To succeed with revival
    Snow litters this oasis
  Frothy white crystals fall fast
     Striving to whiten the gloom
Oh! this corpse smells like wet death
        It exudes a rotted stench
  Like Ophelia, she drowned.
           Her  golden curls shine brightly
          As her heart beats once again
        When my hands are placed
          On the core of her being
          This unholy resurrection
         Serves as a  perturbation
        To the constancy of death
        But, I must acquire her heart
      While abruptly alive, she sings
      A woeful tune about death
     My ears can’t bear this burden 
    Once the heart is torn asunder
    She’ll stop her god-awful song
     Then resume her  eternal sleep
         From a stone bridge, she slipped once,
          Caught in a rapturous dream,
       Soon,she  laid underneath the
             Arches of Moonlight and Sky
           This ephemeral fabric
      Of her tightly wound madness
        Strangled her till her abrupt death
        One sigh, one cry, then she died
       Laughing loudly, I drowned my
       Sentimental thoughts  alive
         No longer was she living
         With her lifeless heart in hand
      I savored my prize, my penance
       This was my conduct of life
      Playfully acting out death
    And being the jester to death
    Like Hamlet’s much beloved clown



Note: The poem is inspired partly by this fantastic Emilie Autumn song, from her album Fight Like a Girl.

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