The Maria V. Snyder Reread

   After my post yesterday about my re-read of Touch of Power, I thought to myself “Maybe, I’m being a little too unfair in my comparisons between Touch of Power and Poison Study.” I was comparing a book that I re-read more recently, and another series that I have much vaguer memories of. Before writing that post, the last time I read Poison Study was sometime in 2009,after having it recommended twice by a high school friend two years before and eventually buying it on a whim two years later at Wegmans. I’m not even sure how I eventually convinced myself to purchase the novel. Anyways, it sat in my room two or three months later. Eventually, I read the first book, raced through the second, and then savored the third book.Having read them so long ago, that might explain my preference of certain elements of Touch of Power over the Study series.

          Feeling that I have done injustice to the Study books in yesterday’s post, I am going to undertake the challenge of re-reading each of these books. I wanted to do all my re-read posts within the month of January. But with my last semester beginning shortly, I know it would be impossible to read nearly eight books in one month. Instead, I am going to slowly read through all them whenever I have downtime this semester, and gradually write posts that offer my “updated” feelings on the book.
    This should be fun! I plan on dredging up some of my older review of each of these releases, and writing reviews for some of the books I had forgotten to ever write reviews for (namely Spy Glass and Outside In). Who knows what kind of reactions I’ll have? Anyways, keep on the lookout over the coming months for these posts!!

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