A Bibliophile’s Reverie Still Exists!!

Blog Still Lives!!

     Hi dear readers of A Bibliophile’s Reverie!

    I apologize for the sparse number of posts here for the past few months. Unfortunately, my life has literally been barraged with far too many tasks that have taken away any time for book blogging. I am enjoying my busy semester nonetheless, along with my internship at Quirk Books

      Around the middle of December,once the craziness comes to a satisfying conclusion, I shall be resuming work on this blog as always. There will be a slew of new reviews, interviews, and other exciting things. Today, I went a bit crazy with interview inquiries because I am itching to work on this blog once again. 

     Also, I hope to keep improving the readability of my reviews as well. I’ve been looking over some of my reviews, and have found some of them to be a bit long-winded. This does not mean that the substance of my reviews will deteriorate in quality. I am just trying to make them a bit more concise.

    Oh well, improving one’s writing is an ongoing task,and improving this blog will certainly be a job that never vanishes. I hope you’ll keep watching this blog  this upcoming December, when this blog will be up and running once again.

    Thank you for continuing to read this blog,
     Justin B. (Fantastyfreak)

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