500 Word Stories#1-Enigmatic Alien Story??

   “Father, I’m scared!” the boy within his father’s arm trembled frightfully, while his father didn’t know whether he had the courage to face the enemy beyond or to quell his son’s fears.
      “It’s alright son really, the wardens of death are no longer here in this woods” Woods, what woods? The older man knew that what he said was a complete lie. Shaking with fear and the miserable chill of the deadly air of this leafless forest, the man knew that they were the last men on this forsaken world.
Of course, there were women, numerous women; voluptuous women, intelligent women, athletic women. There were not enough men anymore with such variety, only both the father the son languished in the perilous world.

    It wasn’t the women who wanted them dead; some deadly pathogen only men could contract had nearly accomplished this impossible feat. Yes, it wasn’t the women who had proposed this to happen to the men they had loved. This was the way that the human race was always meant to slowly go extinct. Maybe women though had the scientific means to engender new life, without men.

      What if Eve stayed in the garden, leaving Adam to wander aimlessly across the stretches of the uninhabited Earth? Where would he go? Whom would he love in earnest? Solace, What about solace? Could he concoct enough stories for both him and his son’s sanity? My son. He was the only one, who still hung protectively from him, refusing to let go.           
         The man, Henry Whitaker, a name he had recalled his wife softly whispering to him at night, was fading slowly away into obscurity. Her hair, curled and red, was lovely to comb his hand through. It was the one significant gesture that he loved watching in his mind, completely separated from his immediate reality like the moon hanging nightly so high above him with its soft luminescence. He remembered her eyes, just small green ones, twinkling as he offered her a crinkled smile as they both held each other in a bed. That bed was now such a foreign object, their house was further far removed from his mind. These places were secure, but now who was he?
                “Benny, we have to stop walking soon, for the bright ones had mentioned they meet us here….” Bright ones, he had been yearning to meet them every night. Their ship was a moving star, much like what the Greeks perceived as planets, a gliding ship of existence across a sea of blackness. To think, these bright ones sailed peacefully on a sea of blue, when the sun rose every morning. Were they trying to find the last men here on this Earth? He had heard the tall tales, they wanted men only. For what reason, he did not know, but he longed for the bright ones every night and even recounted myths about them to Benny. Some day, he would find them and not know this alienation any longer.

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