Stellar Comic Con-Related Contest

Click image above to read more details on how you can enter to win these items that truly are the substance of a biliophile’s reverie!


   When you do not attend Comic-Con, this is how book publishers torture you. They feature contests that include so many awesome books, along with a genuine Wheel of Time back-pack. Some of the books featured here include some  of my favorite fantasy/science fiction books, such as Eye of the World,  Brandon Sanderson’s Way of Kings, Ender’s Game, and I am not a Serial Killer.

    If you have any interest in entering a contest, leave a comment on TOR’s blog post for this contest and detail what you are doing instead of being at Comic-Con.

    I highly doubt that I’ll win this. This is just too good of a contest to overlook, and there’ll be many entries for that very reason. 

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