The Heart of a Wolf

(Inspired by Anne Rice’s The Wolf Gift)

Can my heart slumber restfully here?
In this old house, filled with
Greater mysteries
Than cheap parlor tricks
Rather,The Smoke and mirrors
Adorning this museum of
Rich Gothic lore
Never fail to take my mortal breath away
Reminding me that a beast rests within me-
This decorous cage of a house

An older women serves as my guide
Leading me inwards to the
Long sought-after inner sanctum
It is the cavernous halls where the beast
First bore its claws
Many beasts like myself gather
Within this mead hall
Fashioned after the halls
Of a dastardly Danish hero
Heralding the honored title-Beowulf

Both the forest without and within
The Verdant decorations of this house
  Exude the memories
Of the disconsolate old women
Evince the mystery of the enigmatic owner
Only he knows the depths of the terror-stricken
Heart of a Newly formed Beast
Rampaging at my restive core

I’ve forgotten these formative days
Of Relentlessly agonizing over the
Moral Quandaries of this Werewolf existence
For a time, I  broodily reflected
On my murderous deeds
Paradoxically achieved for moral ends

Am I the eponymous hero
That the moral world heralds me as
Was Beowulf ever serene in the face of
Such Trying days spent as a questionable hero

I’ve rediscovered my heart though-
Beneath the thick bushels of my beastly fur
I am besotted with the reincarnation of the beloved old woman
Who inadvertently thrust this Mythic existence upon me
Without this woman, Dear God….
I wouldn’t remember the charmed face of humanity

Deep within either the forest without
Or the labyrinthine halls within-
I wander in perpetuity
In a discomfiting
Fit of raging existential dread

Was there substance before the wolf gift?
Or has this prophetic gift of an enhanced existence
Given me greater appreciation for the
Sheer paradoxical breadth
Of the world within and without
The opulent world of Nideck Point

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