Mementos of the Enigmatic Circus

(A Poem Inspired by Erin Morgenstern’s Night Circus)

Does my love take root in this carnival of dreams?
A delicious aroma of caramel apples
Wafts through the dark interior of the circus
Soon enough, the circus will shine in resplendent light
In the shadows off to the side, I’ll watch
The circus’ many extravagances with unwavering curiosity

Will the high excitement of the circus carry me off to Midnight Parties?
Or will I be swept off my feet to the next circus by
Fervid devotees wearing snug red scarves
Something about this circus enthralls me
It seems so sacrosanct, yet it boasts no religious overtones
The essence of this darkly illuminated circus though
Makes my mind transcend in a mystical fashion

If I could, would I  allow the unseen master of the circus
To  orchestrate  my  ultimate fate
Or could I have autonomy in this  wild, fleeting dream
Being a martyr for the circus is a high order
At the same time, my mind might plumb the deepest mysteries
Lying in the dark recesses of this enigmatic circus

This circus’s ineluctable charm
Undeniably invigorates my unseen spirit
Impels me to savor the charms of the world
When this intoxicating vision comes to cessation,
Will Prospero revitalize our weary hearts, and
Help us carry some memento of the cherished night circus
Within the empty vacuum of our beating hearts
Still feeling the aftershocks of the
Exhilarating vision dolefully dissipating  before us

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