In the Shadow of Vesuvius Blog Tour: Young Adult Novel Reader


About the Author:Liz Carmichael

Although born in Scotland and spent time in other countries, Liz is now happily settled in Melbourne, Australia.

She is an editor as well as a writer and avid reader – especially historical fiction – who loves researching, though she can get so caught up in research she forgets about the story she’s researching for.
Liz also draws and paints for relaxation, and will do illustrations for her books whenever possible. She walks her daughter’s dog because both need the exercise.

She has a Dip. Art(Professional Writing and Editing), and taught writing and editing for two years until the need to concentrate fully on her own writing took over again.
Her favourite authors, in no particular order, are: Sue Monk Kidd, Sara Donati, Geraldine Brooks, Vanora Bennett, Sarah Dunant, Cormac McCarthy, Markus Suzak, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Robert Harris. For Crime: Michael Connelly, Minette Walters, Jeffrey Deaver, and Dean Koontz for his crime with humour. Newest favourite authors are Anne Obrien and Pauline Gedge – writers of historical fiction, of course.
The book trailer for In the Shadow of Vesuvius was made by Chuck Pride of “American Pride Productions”

Author Liz Carmichael has stopped by today with an interview for In The Shadow of Vesuvius blog tour.Question #1-FF-Is there anything particular about the history surrounding Mt. Vesuvius that intrigues you? 
LC:The area is particularly scenic, steeped in history, with fertile land because of Mt. Vesuvius eruptions. And it’s that fertility that brings people to build and rebuild even when the danger of another eruption is always there.

Question #2- FF:I’ve read Caroline Lawrence’s wonderfully written Roman Mystery series, and there just seems to be a woeful lack of YA/Independent reader books that are set in the historical setting of Ancient Rome. What historical fiction books that are set in Ancient Rome have you read that you recommend?
As you say there are not that many, and Lawrence is hard to beat. Two I can name, with good recommendations, are: ATTICUS OF ROME – Barry Deneberg Getorix: The Eagle and The Bull – Judith Geary
Question#3- FF:What other historical periods fascinate you enough to write about?

LC: I have plans to write, in the not too distant future, a novel set in the time of Gilgamesh, one set in ancient Britain. Going further back I’m considering doing one on the first migration out of Africa.

Question#4-FF:What was the last film that you watched, and did you like it or absolutely hate it?
LC: The last film I watched was on TV: Seven Pounds, with Will Smith. That was my third time, and I still cried at the end. I guess that proves I loved it. Thank you, Justin, for being a host on this book tour, and for coming up with such interesting questions.  

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  1. Thanks again, Justin, for hosting and for your questions.Liz


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