Requisite Blog Update (May 25th, 2012)

News for Upcoming Blog Features

   I apologize for the lack of a “BEA” related post that was supposed to appear yesterday, and the start today’s Shakespeare feature is being moved to next week because I’m still trying to organize my planned features for next week. First off, I am going to start limiting my book reviews to one-two books per week. I happen to be the only writer for this blog, and its impossible to keep up with these book reviews because there is so many other things that I’d been doing this summer (my own novel project for example…).

      Zombie May Coming to An End Soon(Exciting news ahead):
Yes, the feature that I greatly loved is  ending this Wednesday. I am well aware that Wednesday happens to be “Comic Wednesday,” so I’m trying to find a zombie-related comic book that fits with the theme. Also, I plan on reviewing Jonathan Maberry’s Rot and Ruin  that day.

Exciting News about BEA blog Feature (Hopefully exciting…)

      At this point, I’m very stoked about the upcoming features on BEA. In other years, I’ve glossed over Book Expo America, providing nothing substantive in the way of an Insider’s peak at the expo itself. There are a lot of people that find Book Expo America to be an enviable destination. (How does one get into the elusive Book Expo American anyways?) For the first time, I’ll be providing detailed updates from the expo itself,and continuous Tweets (with pictures hopefully..). I don’t know the exact statistics of how many people actually follow my Twitter, but all the updates can be viewed on the right side of this blog. Anyways, I hope to have the BEA-related post about book blogging as a whole up later this morning. There will be two more reflections afterwords. I want to help people get into book blogging, and persuade them that the hard work, frustrations, and the feeling of futility  that accompanies the endless blog-related work.

Thanks everyone that still happens to read this blog, I’m working tirelessly on trying to revamp this very dusty, disorganized blog!!

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