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Zombie May

Ebook Review:

Coming in June:
Anti-Hero Month (Plethora of book reviews, starring inimitable anti-heroes)

(Retrospective look on Anne Rice’s iconoclastic anti-hero-Lestat)

How about Shakespearean tragic heroes/anti-heroes? Are modern-day anti-heroes similar to Shakespearean villains? 

Of course, there will be numerous other reviews and other types of spontaneous posts all throughout the summer!

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  1. Danmark says:

    In the Dark and Hollow Places we get taken to the Dark City, and see the story unfold through the eyes of Annah, the other twin. At first I was a bit sad that we wouldn't get to see it from Gabry's point of view, I wanted to know more about her and what happened after the end of The Dead Tossed Waves but I quickly got over that once I got to know Annah and her story. I really admired Annah for her courage and will to live, I mean this girl spends most of her time and spent pretty much years on her own waiting for Elias and she's still not willing to give up. I would've been freaking out in some of these scenes in the book and locked myself in a closet shaking with fear waiting for death, yeah, I'm a wuss. Not Annah, she was willing to fight her way to survive and sacrifice herself for her loved ones if she had to, the fact that she never gives up throughout the whole book is why I admire her so much.In The Dark and Hollow Places Gabry, Annah, Elias and Catcher come together and we get to find out what happened to Catcher and Gabry after the end of The Dead Tossed Waves and also to Elias. In this one they struggle for survival through most of the story but not only against the unconsecrated but also against the people in charge of the city that are suppose to be protecting them but have become corrupted and are pretty much worst than the zombies.


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