Important News about Blog Changes

A Bibliophile’s Reverie

Shockingly Undergoing some Major Renovations!

     Growth on this blog has been very stagnant, but things are going to go through some much needed change around this blog. I know its shocking and unfathomable, but renovating this dusty old chamber of a blog has become this summer’s project. I want to enliven things here!

    Certain things have not been working over the past few years. One of the greatest hindrances was accepting too many book requests during very busy college semesters. For that reason, I’m reorganizing my Gmail account to have a folder for book review inquiries and I’ll be trying to schedule some in and make sure to update people about when their books will be featured here. Additionally,I’ll now be having weekly posts about upcoming reviews. More importantly, I might be having a post every Saturday that provides a nifty summary of all the recent posts and reviews in the last week.

   Also, publishers and independent authors, don’t be shy about sending me offers on contests or books I might be interested in. I’m still seeking some prizes for the zombie poetry contest that I wish to have sometime soon!!! (Email me at narniafanatic(at)gmail(dot)com)


      Things will progressively get better and less stuffy in this blog. I’m really pushing for a better blog experience for everyone. Thanks for still perusing this unexplored corner of the internet!

   My room is as messy as my blog affairs right now. I wake up with tumbling mountains of books every morning..  With not enough shelves, this is the only “practical”way of organizing them.

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