Death’s Passion

Innumerable bodies
Flayed, Desiccated, and Violated
Floating gracefully
Down the River
Whispered in the depths
Of the Cold, fast-paced
Waters of this Somber River

The waves are death’s snare
Taking those in misery captive
Without forewarning, the arms of the river
Grabbed ahold of their corpse-like body and
Dragged their sorrow
Along the pebbled sand
Would they ever awaken from their mournful slumber?

As I stared into the mired
Reflection held within this pool of tears
I felt enthralled with the corpses
They were unmoving, uncaring
Unlike me, they’ve found what
I’ve been scouring the dry world for
Everlasting peace

Where was the one that anchored me to this world?
Could anyone keep me adrift?
Sometimes, I wanted to just drift, but not sink into
The Unknowable fathoms below
Would I be splayed out like the Lady of Shallot?
Thoughtlessly floating towards
The ocean of unfathomable death

Once there, would I finally succumb to the
Pressure of gravity
Seeking my demise
Who would hold me in this fateful hour,
Lift my weighty corpse
And Baptize me
In their name

Grabbing hold of my vial of hemlock,
I drank the satisfying elixir of death
Then, I dramatically uprooted
Myself from the shores of the Earth
While taking the long dive into Hades,
My delusional mind envisaged
An unrealistic lover

Disoriented, their imaginary touch
Became palpable
Allaying the dread of my end
My heart thundered with passion
Exalting in this last moment of life
Offered by the Gods

I felt great anticipation for my climax
Eventually, my life will be obliterated
Once all these augmented feelings
Taper away
With my last satisfied gasp
Will I even remember all of this?

Pleasure inundated my mind
As blackness overfilled my periphery
I sighed one last time
The world ended seriously
With this one curious question
Was this all real…..?

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