Jacob’s Shadow

Was it my brother seeking to
Wrestle me into oblivion?
Or was this me?
Holding this formidable figure-
A shadow of myself
Trying to do me in

With a powerful punch,
The figure’s boulder-like fist
Impacted my hip-bone
Leaving with with a deep impression
Of unassailable imbalance
My sight felt dizzying
While the enigmatic figure
Fell Deeper into
A shroud of Black
In retaliation, I kicked and punched
The figure to no avail
Only to feel more crushed, and defeated
Than before

Could my brother ever forgive me,
For depriving him of this blessing
Which exacerbated my pride  
Till it over-consumed me,
Leaving me with no sense of God or self

With a broken hip, and a
Sharp pang of moroseness
I surrendered to the darkness of myself
Awaiting the interminable aura of peace
Following the admission of my faults
As the dark figure dissolves into me,
I see my brother awaiting me with a legion
Wanting nothing but to
Grant me solace in the form of unconditional forgiveness

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