Cache of “Vampire Chronicle” Philosophy Posts

For your convenience, I have compiled all the links for each of the “Vampire Chronicle” philosophy posts for those who might not have read them before. It was painstaking work to have to go through all my posts to find each individual link, but I felt this would prove helpful to anyone who might not have read these posts before, or are interested in re-reading if they’re even worth that kind of honor.

Over the course of the next few months, I really want to have an  in-depth analysis of Anne Rice’s “The Wolf Gift,” before delving into a new series of Vampire Chronicle philosophy posts centered around “The Vampire Lestat,” and “Queen of the Damned.” With college, I don’t know how I’ll prove to succeed in creating these posts. It all depends on my energy level, and free time.

Related to “Interview with the Vampire”
Part 1   Overview of the philosophy of “Interview with the Vampire
Part 2: Claudia: the preserved child
Part 3: Duality: Mind/Body Problem

Related to “Memnoch the Devil”: (Its not exactly philosophical per-say.)
Part 1: Spiritual Therapy for the Disillusioned: Attack of the “Conscience”
Part 2: The Splendor of Heaven

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