The Wolf Gift Countdown:

Anne Rice “Wolf Gift” Signing in Philly: A Real Upcoming Event!!

          Philly has often been overlooked by publishers when book tours of any kind are formed. The reason for this could possibly lie with Philly’s proximity to New York where most book tours commence. I couldn’t believe my eyes several days ago when seeing for myself that the signing that I had hypothetically written about a few weeks ago   had become a very real thing. Part of me wondered if my post had any influence on the decision to have the Philly signing occur on the official release date of “The Wolf Gift.” Hopefully, I’m not being boastful in any way, but there is definitely a chance that some individuals connected with Anne Rice’s publisher might have very well read that post, and have been inspired to plan a signing at the very location that I suggested. Then again, the Philadelphia Free Library has had a slew of several famous writers as it is the main venue for book-signings within the city.

Anyways, for all Philly residents, this is very exciting news either way!! If you live within the area, and happen to be an Anne Rice fan, I implore you to consider attending the signing because it will be worth the admittance price to meet such a talent.

Here are the details for the signing, taken from the Free Library of Philadelphia site:
Date and Time: Tuesday, February 14, 2011 at 7: 30pm.
Prices: 7 dollars for Students, and 15 dollars: General Admission.
Additionally, tickets go on sale January 12, 2012 at 10 am.

By the way, another new post will appear tomorrow that will relate with the ongoing discussion about “death” that reappears within Anne Rice’s books. How does this relate with the mummies? Why were the Egyptians so fastidious when embalming bodies and preserving them in the hopes that they’d properly enter the afterlife? What does their idea of the afterlife consist of? How does it differ from our Mainstream ideas?

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