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I’m posting this if you’re interested in reading posts from my other blog:: The Agnostic Inner Sanctum. Earlier this year, I separated the more religious posts from the literary ones because some people find honest religious discussion disconcerting. My other blog is one of my most challenging blogs to post on because I’m always hindered by the “fear” of other people’s reactions. Sadly, its still ingrained in me, from my Christian upbringing, that expressing doubt in Christianity is a chief evil. Now, I currently don’t believe in that at all or probably never did authentically. But, its still hard for any person to work against neurotic thought processes inherited from their childhoods.

It will be offensive to some people because humanity is ironically offensive to itself. Oftentimes, people don’t want to encounter people’s honest views because we’d rather hide ourselves underneath those lavish masks provided at Capulet’s masquerade party. Sometimes, I think that we need to reread Shakespeare,the Greek rationalists, or the Old Testament stories and see that these people are truly human and not a bunch of uncomplicated “believers” in a religion. Of course, no Christian is “uncomplicated,” just like no human is. But often, I think we forget this when we’re instructed from the pulpit to strive towards having unwavering belief to insure that we’re going to heaven.

Karen Armstrong marvelously details the problems that plague religion presently. This is an illuminating speech and Karen Armstrong is a very bright person who really seems to understand the problems that strain religions.

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