Unorthodox Fairy Tale:
Note: During the progress of writing this poem, I kept applying the wrong gender pronouns to each character. Thus, if there is a mistake, it is completely unintentional. 
Once upon a time
Within an idyllic kingdom
That bordered the other Kingdoms
That suffered from the plague of serfdom
Lived the least masculine prince ever:
Prince Danielle
Within one of the corruptive kingdoms,
An abrasive princess neither slept eternally
Nor accepted dowries
With the dreaded bonus of
An aged, royal bedmate
Her name had a bold masculine ring to it
She was the deceptively dainty princess
Named Dan
On one of Danielle’s excursion’s to buy some books,
A Vicar passed with his refined religious robes
To comment upon Danielle’s grave transgressions:
“Danielle, Do you not know that the Lord
Requires you to take up arms
For fight in the defense of his name and his devotees?
Also, you might want to respectfully alter your name, so
The Lord can remember that you are of the superior gender.”
Danielle weakly answered
“I profusely apologize for my transgression, Vicar.
But, I have not picked my name.
My dear mother who was burned at the stake
For having a heathen beard
Granted me this accursed feminine name.
Now, I am burdened with emotions and
A Pacifistic resignation from
The deadly art of war.”
The Vicar looked indignantly at the prince
Then he rebuked him:
“Well, you better find someone to marry sometime soon
Since, that is your requirement for living
If you refuse to behave in a way
More fitting to your gender.”
Danielle felt weary suddenly and rode off
Back to the castle
Once there, Danielle fitted himself with
His sinful hot pink night gown
Then, he resorted to closing his radiant rose drapes
So that the world could not see him outfitted
With such a tight-fitting night gown
Meanwhile, Dan brusquely commanded her troops to
March towards the kingdom where Danielle dwelled
She coveted other soldiers in other legions
For they had mightier swords than her
But no other man could compare
With her military prowess
For, she was one of the most formidable fighters
Within the realm
Danielle continued to restfully sleep
His snored sounded like a soprano vibrato
That beautifully echoed throughout his decorous bedroom
He dreamt of the day that a princess
Would venture to save him from
Some Dastardly foe who might
Threaten his life
While Danielle persistently slept,
The Vicar walked through the threshold of Danielle’s
Private Room quietly, but repulsively
The sinfulness of Danielle’s inner sanctum
Disturbed the vicar’s pious thoughts
As he crept closer to the slumbering Danielle
With the draught of death in hand
To subdue the existence
Of such a defiant creature of God
Dan instinctively knew that Danielle was in danger
So, she climbed the rose vines of Danielle’s rugged tower
Coming upon a small circular window,
She forcefully struck it with the sword
Tensely grasped in her right hand
The crashing sound of glass
Along with Danielle’s surprised shrieks
Indicated that she had successfully breached the area
Face-first, she plummeted into Danielle’s room
Where the vicar was caught Uncorking
The bottle of his toxic death draught
Made specifically for sinful aberrations

 The vicar hoarsely yelled
“You’ll both burn in the fiery pits of hell
For not acting in accordance with the Lord’s commandments…”
Intervention of an ungodly source stopped the vicar short
As, Dan stabbed the vicar through the heart and
Watched the vicar’s red blood Permeate the room
She felt both relieved and gratified
Danielle trembled and walked over to his
Newfound hero Dan
He bemusedly appraised her muscular body, steely blue eyes, and
Cropped brown hair
He felt Danielle stiffen as he softly caressed
Her brawny shoulders
Finally, he had found his strapping princess
Outfitted in a sexy suit of armor
On the other hand, Dan felt her
Heart rate beat rapidly against her
Rough suit of armor
While glancing at Danielle’s long blonde hair, and
Radiant Green Eyes
She carefully reaffixed her sword into the sheath
Strapped to her hip
As they kissed, they had completely
Forgotten about their royal titles
Was Dan a courageous prince?
Or a subservient princess?
Who was Danielle then?
While they continued to kiss,
Both of them had accidentally discarded their worldly garments
At this point, who were they but two people who were
Acutely aware that they were content

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