Announcement: Blog Schism

   Due to acquiring needed advice about the layout of the blogs, I feel that its time for the blogs to undergo a schism of sorts.  This blog feels like it has greatly deviated from the main course of providing book reviews. Anyone looking at this blog can easily lose their footing when it comes with trying to decide the direction of my posts here.

 Henceforth, all blog post related to philosophy, religion, and mythology will be centralized on my new blog which is called Agnostic Inner Sanctum . If you enjoyed the posts that mainly dealt with these topics, you’ll find them here from now on. For the first few weeks, I’ll be including links to each individual post as to provide ample time for people to access this page and join it if interested. 

A Bibliophile’s Reverie will remain now as mainly a book review blog which will help those rediscover the missed book reviews that have become a nonentity as of recent. I’m doing this for my sake and others because I believe this blog feels poorly organized. Hopefully, this change will help rectify the clutter problems.

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