Humpty Dumpty
I’m disgusted by your noncommittal reaction
Furthermore, I’m ravaged by perverse passion
For you filthy ingrate
I need to purge myself of this toxic love
That derides my own ability to be happy
Taking up the sword and honor of my kingdom
I lay siege to all former feelings of you
Every-time, I am tempted to recollect about your rotten face
I’ll let the maddened rage overtake
Then, I’ll wait  for my thirst for death to be sated
If I were Rapunzel
Waiting for you to dote on me
I would sever the hair that temporarily bonded us
And then watch your body clatter upon the cold stone below
Where everything sweetly cracks and
Your innards are deliciously emptied
Like that of Humpty Dumpty

I’ll savor my victory

For I can happily take the oath of chastity
To safeguard myself and my sanity
From your alluring presence
That maliciously lures and enraptures me
The devil inside of you persists in wanting to
Devour my individuality whole
Deep inside your imagined embrace, I knew nothing but emptiness
I held nothing but enmity for you
While I envisioned your sweet kiss,
I felt deeply defiled
Now I want nothing else but for you to be dead
Again, I re-imagined that scene of your fateful plummet
Genuine satisfaction bloomed when you finally felt my void
Upon falling into the deep shadows of my death
Now you’ll only exist within those indiscernible shadows
While, I happily rule my kingdom without feeling threatened
By your pernicious love

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