FantastyFreak’s Countdown to BEA!! PLUS Information about the Game of Thrones Readathon Below.

Writing these posts with sustained interest is definitely a challenge when my blog has spurts of high readership than it starts to tank. So, for me to invest so much interest and energy into this blog for the next two weeks, would either earn me the title of being “crazy” or “remarkable.”

Anyways for the next two weeks here, I pledge to write a post to nearly every day or every other day in anticipation of the E3, Comic-Con of the publishing world: Book Expo America. I’m planning to attend this bibliophile extravaganza May 25th. Before then, I’ll be hosting many new innovations on this blog and updates to continuing series of posts including the infamous Vampire Chronicle’s Philosophy post series.

Future series within the next week will include a “Song of Ice and Fire” Readathon. I feel isolated when striving to read through the series. Like Jon Snow, I feel like the bastard son of blogs because I feel rather neglected and stranded alongside a bleak looking wall. My only companion happens to be a promiscuous dwarf named “Tyrion” who has many accounts of his various conquests which sadly have nothing to do with military prowess.

Anyways, I’ve seen many blogs crumble to ashes when trying one of these series. It seems everyone is doe-faced when these sorts of occur. “Oh Fantastyfreak!” they’ll say astonishingly. “Of course, I’m interested in joining your reading brigade! But, are you sure you want to promote the reading of something so profane, gruesome, and kinda risqué?”

“See, here dedicated blog readers, I feel that by reading this together we can overcome our discomfort with scenes that include a certain tribe of people called the “Dortraki.” I think instituting this readathon will make the daunting task of reading these scenes and these hefty books far more enjoyable. I’m not saying they’re bad books. Quite the reverse, they’re actually the quintessential fantasy book with great examples of rich characters and well-assembled soap opera. But often, reading any book alone can be lonesome. Plus, some people just do not have enough perseverance to make it through each book.  So, I think through having me spark discussions about a set number of pages, I can convince people to take up arms and read along with me.”

From this point on,I’ll be including continuing commentary on my Twitter. If I gather enough interest through people joining my blog and the discussions here, I will reveal more surprises along the way.
With my fervor for the series and also for this blog, I think this will be neat concept if people are willing to partake. Your first assignment involves ready the first 100 pages of Game of Thrones. On Wednesday, be prepared to have those pages read as I will be writing a post on the history of bastard sons. Also, I am planning to write some discussion questions for everyone to answer. Some topics will include discussion about omnipresent gender roles within the world, historical similarities to the “War of the Roses,” and the first unveiling of the underside of all these characters. I believe that these books cleverly have archetype characters that persuade us to be comfortable within the confines of the story. Until, wise George R.R. Martin pulls these things apart and we start to realize the grand differences between this book and tradition. Could his series be trying to adjoin the elements of antiquity (with obvious comparisons with the War of the Roses) and contemporary social and political issues?

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