Every time it rained:
The moment where sunshine was denounced
In the name of the melodramatic dark sky
I visited the shadowy figure
Seated against the tallest oak
Buried Underneath the torn green umbrella
That was a natural feature of these aged woods
When I approached the figure, I chastened myself
For the menacing snore
But I continued to crawl in the mud and the undergrowth of the woods
Till I found myself seated close enough
To begin to feel the rapture
Of being cloaked in their shadow
The figure persistently ignored me
While I sat with my mouth agape
In shock over their darkened beauty
Somewhere in my mind, I recalled a few precious details about them
I made the figure resplendent and masculine
Then, I etched a sardonic smile and bedazzling eyes
All that was left was the hair to which I used my own
To offer the figure some resemblance of myself
Suddenly, the figure’s bodice became more voluptuous
As their breasts gained more density
Some other things completely vanished and
Left signs of a feminine anatomy in their trace
Yet the figure’s face was still remarkably steely
One could even say that it was still masculine
I approached the figure tentatively while
Contemplating whether to kiss them or not
In the human world, I would be smoldered by flames of ignorance
Then I would be expected to be incessantly burnt within
Some netherworld of the damned
To me, everyone who has ever loved virtuously and spiritually is there
Beseeching a curmudgeonly supreme being
For an ounce of true humanity
To love this figure irrevocably, I forswear abstractions of the human God
By bridging our souls, I rediscovered a new enigma
I felt connected to a new sense of God
One that was cloaked and abhorred by the world
But could be excised by the acceptance of the love that our heart bears
I overlooked the ambiguity of the shadowed figure’s self and kissed them
The façade of my wearied self sank away
Along with the chain of puritanical values
This kiss was neither bestial nor chaste
It was a kiss that cut deep to the spirit
Cradled in their arms
With all my insecurities vanishing
I felt my nihilistic self become forsaken
For once, I felt the gravity of my love for the grandeur of the world
Signaled by the rapid pacing of my heart and
The euphoria of feeling the authentic grace of the God
Too mysterious for the primeval senses

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