A Fundamentalist’s Reverie
Authorized by:Baptistyfreak

This is Shirley Phelps, activist for the Westborough Baptist Church. I shall now be using Justin’s hacked blog to spread my message of true Christian behavior. Therefore, from now on, there won’t be no discussions about those evil, devily vampire books. Instead, we will be discussing the evil aspects of American culture and how all of it is telling of our downward spiral right into the grips of Lucy Lucifer himself.

There will be additional posts besides this one including a review of my best-friend, Fred Phelp’s wonderful work. As for now, I condemn this page for being sinfully artful and deceptively ambiguous. I implore everyone to pray for the salvation of the soul of “A Bibliophile’s Reverie.” All followers you are forewarned that there won’t be no substantive, evil book reviews anymore. Everything will correspond to the limited  grace offered by the beneficiaries of “Westborough Baptist Church.”

For now, we must all carry our signs and protest funerals. No, we also protest local libraries for carrying too many books in addition to the only book, the Bible. Please listen and heed Fred Phelp’s words.

Thank You and Have a wonderful time in Secular Perdition!

-Shirley Phelps

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