Book Blogger 101 with the Tootsie Pop Owl: Includes Minimally Discussed Trade Secrets that

******Disclaimer: Apologies to Tootsie Corp. for unintentional replication of your owl for book blogging purposes. Lately, the owl feels exploited into acting moronic all for the sake of keeping the “tootsie pop” count a secret. Basically, Tootsie Corp. please do not be atypical megalomaniacs by demanding a lawsuit for theft of the bespectacled, gregarious owl for more academic purposes. For those who are unaware, book blogging is aptly defined as an academic activity that powers the mind. Book Blogging does not only serve to help impoverished book bloggers with receiving free books. In some case, the answer would be affirmative. Though,in my individual case, I am a studious, respectable book blogger who wishes to write intelligent book reviews that more than likely deters rather than attract.

By the way, my disclaimers are published in fine print. So, you do not need to feel the developing symptoms of aging.*********

Welcome to Fantastyfreak’s Book Blogger 101 With the Trademarked Owl Caricature (Your entertaining, cheating host who dared to bite the lollipop to reach the center thereby invalidating the “Lick Count,” results.)

“Welcome Aspiring Book Bloggers! I have been swamped with requests, related to the exact methods of creating a book blog. Few book bloggers divulge these secrets because they are greedy little readers who wish to restrict the ARC’s all to themselves.

First off, book blogging serves as a marketing tool and can be a very inexpensive marketing tactic. Sometimes, book blogging can lead to honest, credible marketing as it relies upon members of the target market to convince the masses to read a certain title. Then again, the greatest goal would be convince all members or watchers of a certain blog to read that title. For the book savvy bloggers, filled to the brim with greed, this could result in a procurement of some more ARC’s or galleys.

Be forewarned, that humble bloggers are the best breed of bloggers because they could earn trust with their readers. If they were to write reviews that herald a book without mentioning any flaws then the readers may begin to realize they are concerned more with the false belief of earning a better reputation with publishers via unrealistic positive reviews In actuality, publishers seek honest reviewers because they have a higher chance of building trust with readers.

Without the extraneous drivel mentioned above, I’m instructing my fellow book Bloggers to please be respectable, concise, and sociable to bloggers and publishers. Bloggers, void of charisma, transform into the following subject.

Spoiled, Conceited Bloggers bent on procuring ARC’s without reviewing them:

The question she screams obnoxiously, in the above image of the worst book blogger, would be the most abhorrent and rude question to ask any publisher. Publishers have the right to not permit you to have Advance Reader Copies (ARC’s) of future releases. Who do you think you are, a goddess? Certainly, even a goddess could not win favor easily with a publisher. Because publishers are seeking effective, honest bloggers who will reach a specific market with their reviews.

Being the above blogger will cause publishers to distant themselves from you and to completely ignore your emails. Also, you cannot attain ARC’s with the thought of receiving them like Christmas presents. Yes, you must read them thoroughly and provide accurate reviews that reflect your honest feelings.

Please know, that writing inquiries about receiving ARC’s is the most torturous, intimidating experience for any aspiring book blogger. With my low number of watchers, commenters, and readers overall, I sometimes struggle with having the self confidence to review the books. To a greater extent, I cannot tap into the needed energy to dare impose upon bloggers to persuade them into sending me ARC’s.

Their inaudible thoughts are more than likely: “Excuse me sir, your blog is hardly read and favored by many readers on the Internet. We are handing ARC’s to world leaders, monks, nuns, priests, and venerable war heroes. Essentially, your reputation is unheard of and you are “anonymous” in our book.

How do you respond to negative answers or ignorance of emails? Though trite, the greatest piece of advice lies in mustering your strength and persisting even through sighted failure. A person, absent of personal effort, will never obtain more watchers or favor with publishers. Keep reviewing books from your own personal library and pretend you are the only reader of your noticeably lame blog. Many years from now, in retrospect, you will be fortunate to have the writing experience at least.

In my own experience, review books you greatly enjoyed and forward emails to writers about said review. Authors are greatly pleased and amazed by your efforts in raising awareness of their books. I have met many wonderful authors through this blog experience whom never displayed ill favor towards bloggers. Though, your reader tallies may be low or you happen to have a lack of ARC’s; the greatest benefit reaped from this is interacting with writers and having substantive conversations with them about their creations. If all my low number of readers were to suddenly vacate my blog or some interested publishers unpredictably drop support for my blog. At the very least, I would be very pleased with my efforts at building a blog and attempting to create a dialogue between the small niche of readers and publishing companies.

Simplistic Answer: Keep Blogging even if the apocalypse intervenes!

Blog writing may appear on the surface to be an ideal introverted activity, free of the traps and schemes of social interaction. Sorry, aspiring, introverted book bloggers; communication is an optimal part of book blog creation. With blog allies or friendships developed with other blog writers, you can earn more watchers by recommending or referencing a friend’s blog in your post’s

I happen to be great friends with Lexie, from Poisoned Rationality. Compared to me, she writes a myriad of blog reviews that causes my small margin to appear wimpy. Then again, I’m currently in the process of writing an ambitious Dystopian trilogy and working toward my English degree. Luckily, my term ended two weeks ago, granting me a vast number of hours to dedicate myself to blog recreation or remolding. Even then, finding the energy and excitement needed can be frustrating even with these worthwhile blog friendships. Though yesterday, Anne Rice mentioned my blog on her Facebook fan page. While, Cassandra Clare and Mundie Mom’s referenced mine in their Twitter posts.

How did I achieve these references? Communication. Blog communication relies not only on dedicated work on good blog posts. No, in order to reach the largest number of readers without dependence upon financed advertising involves communicating with authors. I mentioned this earlier in the post but communication with authors is the greatest tool in bringing your blog into focus. I’m thankful daily for the respectable authors who raise awareness of my blog. Because of them, I can find the energy needed to plow through insecurities and anxiety to write book reviews.

To surmise the above paragraphs: Liberate yourself from your oath of silence and speak freely to authors, blog readers, and other book bloggers. Book Blogging is a concerted effort between you, readers, publishers, and authors to heighten people’s awareness of the quality entertainment contained in books.

Book readers seldom see advertisements of books through television therefore the Internet is utilized to advertise a particular book. Book readers are loquacious about their books. And when they greatly admire a certain work, they will never cease talk about it with others. They want people to share their love for a work and to have a dialogue about their differing experiences of reading that book.

Look at Goodreads for example, those readers are unable to silence themselves. And sometimes, their book reviews become bloated in a very positive way.

Final Result: All Book Bloggers go to Heaven!

Cue in another Gregorian choir, a dancing Sharon den Adel (singing Ice Queen), and pyrotechs. Because Book Expo America is certifiably the sum of every single bibliophile’s reverie. There, you are able to physically take ARC’s without frustrating inquiries and book blog tours. Though, you still must review them in order to promote your blog’s status. Since, a reason these publishers are displaying their books to members of the publishing world is part of their goal to increase dialogue about certain titles.

As many of you know, I’ll be attending Book Expo America next week and I have been awaiting it with bated breath. Honestly, I’m filled with uncontrollable excitement. While, I am intensely anxious about scheduling autograph booths, properly deciphering the jargon of Book Expo America’s website, and making sure I’m able to get certain ARC’s before they become unavailable.

You’ll hear of my clumsy falls, short termed tragedies, treasured moments, and other sentimental Book Expo America occurrences next week. Now, you have to read the diatribe about Book Expo America. Book Expo America does not excuse a dissension into laziness, post Book Expo America. In actuality, Book Expo America marks your official inception into the world of book blogging. By book review standards, that usually calls for a larger amount of ARC’s, new challenges, a greater demand to increase blog traffic, and more reoccurring migraines.

Those will be my new challenges, along with the added challenge of communicating with more publishers and convincing them my blog has the opportunity to grow in size and readership. If they were to offer me some of their titles and I would accept their terms to review the book honestly.

For those of you who dared to scroll down past some very imperative book blogging information, I have decided to withhold most of that information from you in this section. Instead you will be faced with the above formidable foe. This foe cannot be reasoned with sarcasm,irony,and witticism:the assets of a well trained bibliophile .

I’ll impart only some information in here those reasons because you are the particular readers that are far too occupied with other things to read this pandering post. But, you should inform yourself of the above disclaimer because I am not intentionally trying to unlawfully use the Tootsie Roll Owl or any of the above pictures.

You are the sort of readers,deserving of these easily decipherable instructions on Book Blogging.
Here they are for both the undeserving paragraph skippers and deserving readers.

1)Construct a blog on either WordPress or Blogger! Attractive colors and layout are pivotal when trying to draw your first readers.

2)Begin reviewing your own books using your own recognizable style of writing reviews. For me, verbose and long winded reviews are my flavor. Concise reviews might be your strength.

3) Email writers and make your dedication known by displaying your blog review to them. Do that by including your blog’s link, with the posted review, within your email to the author. Involve some jokes and candor with the writers in order to convince them you are a human, not an android.

4) Write the dreaded inquiries about receiving review copies from publishers! Try to be professional as possible or apologize frequently about imposing on them for ARC’s. In my case, I’m always apologizing because I feel I am infringing on them by asking them.

5) Ideal Case!!! Publishers decide to see your blog and will send you emails about potentially reviewing their works. Please accept only if you are definitely going to review their intended work. Earlier this year, I received an email about reviewing a World of Warcraft book. I tried in vain to read it and truly did not enjoy it. Inexplicably, the book became forgotten since I never received notice about certain dates to review it. After five months of not reviewing the book, I’ll be providing a sarcastic review instead tomorrow. While apologizing to the publishers subtly about writing belated reviews. The World of Warcraft publishers have me blacklisted as “Insolent Book Reviewer.” My explanation lies with having my mind strained with thoughts of college assignments, other book reviews, and novel work. Gallery Books, I offer my apologies and please enjoy tomorrow’s review!!

Lesson Learned: Do not let your desperate lack of ARC’s or publishers notice delude you into thinking you would enjoy a “World of Warcraft,” book. When your more rational mind knows that you would either neglect to review it or never read it. In terms of the latter, I did happen to struggle through it though I never reviewed it. Again, tomorrow should be penance for my book blogging vice of never reviewing it. By the way, sharing one’s faults presents yourself as a truly fallible book blogger whose trying to help other bloggers all the while.

6)In all your reviews, be completely honest about your feelings about the book. But, also try to convey a professional persona when wording your negative feelings. Facebook drivel is not permitted in book reviews and littering your reviews with noxious obscenities leads to a poor reputation. Basically you’ll be rendered Case Subject (1): Spoiled, Conceited Bloggers bent on procuring ARC’s without reviewing them or the Worst Blogger.

7: Use sites such as Netgalley to attain ARC’s without confronting the door’s of publishers. Through them, you are able to receive ARC’s virtually without need of postage or those bothersome inquiries. Consequently, you have to squint and attempt the read the books on your laptop. Personally, I prefer bound books. But in order to raise my reputation, I’ve forced myself to read on the laptop.

8:Important Tip: Enjoy your blogging experience, the interaction with various people, and continue to convince your parents that blogging is a nutritional part of this complete life! Because a reading absent life leads to being uncultured, ignorant, and illiterate. Those are extreme case scenarios since people have a range of talents that are not based on book reading. But, reading truly does upon an incorporeal world to you that formerly did not exist. Feel free to explore it and divest yourself of your inhibitions. Share your experiences with other readers and help in the efforts of keeping books alive either bound or kindled aka. Amazon kindled.

Questions:If you have any further questions about the blogging experience, direct your questions to the comment box. Please comment and know that I will not unleash the “Formidable Foe,” on you. Also, you can always email me at narniafanatic(at)gmail(dot) com.

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