It’s Monday And What are you reading this week?is a weekly event to celebrate what we are reading for the week as well as books completed the previous week. Feel free to pile on a little extra. I’ve decided to partake within this event as it illustrates the number of books I’m either reading at this current moment or will be reading as the week passes.

Here’s three books that I had begun last week and still have not finished:

Blood Promise by: Richelle Mead: I’ve only started the book around Friday and am already 200 pages within the book.
Catching Fire by: Suzanne Collins: I started this last Tuesday and am 200 pages within the novel. Just as with it’s predecessor “The Hunger Games,” this one’s very addictive.
Bran Hambric by: Kaleb Nation: I received this book as part of his publisher’s Blog tour. Many of you know him from the infamous “Twilight Guy,” blog. I’m very honored to be reading it though honestly it’s not the greatest read. But the book’s very entertaining and funny at times. I’m 300 pages within the novel and shall be finished with it very soon.

Recently Finished:
Magic Study by:Maria V. Snyder: Read the below review and you’ll see just how much I loved this book.
Jane Eyre by: Charlotte Bronte: I tried to no avail to keep myself from rereading this. But my love of the book got the best of me near the end of June. And I’ve finally finished rereading it for the third time.

Here’s one(s) I plan on beginning this week:
City of Bones by: Cassandra Clare:I’ve heard mixed press surrounding this book, but hopefully it will be a compelling read.
The Name of the Wind by: Patrick Rothfuss: Sometimes when I’m reading other books at a hurried pace; I decide to have one book that I’ll slowly digest. This one shall be that book since I’ve read it originally a year and a half ago. I will not be finished till around the end of October or November as this will be my close reread.

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