Quick Updates

I apologize in advance for all my readers who looking forward to this week’s review of “Magic Study.” For the past few days, my entire schedule has been largely occupied by college orientation and socializing with friends. Before they themselves head back to college. Septembers sorta like an avalanche of events for me where I’m continuously flitting from one activity to the next. And when my rest period finally comes, it’s usually dedicated mostly to sleep. Instead of working upon my book blog and writing more reviews.

With this, I’m going to have “Magic Study,” being reviewed this Wednesday, the second of September. And my review of “Fire Study,” shall be sometime late the next week. And I’d also like to remind my readers that I’ll be partaking in the tour for Kaleb Nation’s “Bran Hambric.” Sorry again for all those who are recently following my blog because of Maria V. Snyder’s generous referral to my blog on her newest newsletter. I’m highly gracious for how she responded to my review and it’s really helped to increase my confidence within my blog that’s still within the early stages of development.

To all my college aged readers: I wish you a wonderful semester where you’ll continue your sometimes futile search of yourselves. And to my other readers; I hope you’ll have a wonderful and safe Labor Day. Please check out this Wednesday’s post of “Magic Study!” Again, I apologize for the delay!!

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