How many humans have we abandoned today? Is thinking a sin? In the end am I trying to honor my Christian peers or am I honoring God. If I was alone… would living a holy life be easier since I would not have to try so hard to conform to be part of the “Christian clique.” Though my beliefs may be liberal… I either say nothing which even may indicate my view or I may lie about my views just so my church friends are very happy that I will blindly walk into the polling booth and press the righteous Republican button.

I am starting a blog topic and it will be an exploration of my thoughts. Please do not take it as ministry or devotional as I wish no one to be led astray by my random thoughts. All views are welcome….. my topic for the week is the Christian Clique and how its building a wall between our intellect and forcing us to keep those who want to be loved out of our lives.

For my first post of this topic… I recommend you read this very enlightening blog post…. BTW I do not think every Christian blog group is this way as many of the members of CSFF and First seem to be completely opposite of the stereotype of Christian Bloggers. Let’s continue to be this way! Anyways enjoy and comment!

Interesting Blog post

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