Summer for me started earlier this month and I have now officially graduated from dreadful high school and in September I’ll be attending Messiah College in Gratham, PA. For now though I am really enjoying my job cleaning at a local elementary school. I love my coworkers who both enjoy reading fantasy and scifi books. Also I love when we work and my one coworker brings in a great variety of music ranging from baroque to classic rock. During lunch breaks… for the first time in my life I am playing Dungeon and Dragons. At first I thought it would be boring but to my surprise… I am actually really enjoying playing the game though I am still quite a beginner.

Now on to the book, “Vanished”….

Usually I set aside a book and never open it up in fear that I will not like it and for this one I forced myself to begin reading and I am so glad I did not set it aside. For immediately I was hooked.. Though after finishing Stephenie Meyer’s brilliant The Host, it seemed nothing would ever compare. Vanished took my breath away and made me sit up as I hastily flipped through the pages in anticipation for what ending Katheryn Mackel might throw at me. Towards the end I could barley stifle a breath as I finished what I thought to be easily the best CSFF book I’ve read so far this year. Katheryn Mackel ingeniously combined realistic elements while remaining Christian. That to me was the greatest accomplishment as she could easily have been like other Christian authors and completely shy away from “taboo topics.” I feel sort of bad I did not post every day but this week has been so busy that I only got the time now to sit down and write my thoughts on the book. Thanks Katheryn Mackel especially for getting me throught my graduation ceremony which lasted for two hours (I broke the rules and snuck the book in my graduation cloak…now that’s how riveting this book was..)

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  1. Tina says:

    What a great review. I remember sneaking books in during high school – though not during graduation! Congrats and enjoy your summer.


  2. Justin, I am soooo glad you liked this book. I think Kathryn Mackel is one of the best writers, and it’s gratifying to know that another reader has discovered her books.Spread the word to those co-workers of yours! ;-)Becky


  3. Thanks, Justin. I appreciate the support. And I’m so glad you didn’t set aside the book!


  4. Hey Justin, just stumbled onto your blog because I, too, am a huge Kathryn Mackel fan. She’s hugely responsible for helping me find an agent and land a contract with Realms (my first book THE HUNTED released in June). Anyway, I read that you are going to attend Messiah . . . my alma mater! I graduated in 1994. It’s a great school and the campus is just beautiful.Blessings on you, Justin. I hope you enjoy your experience at Messiah.Mike


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