May CSFF Blog Tour: Webzine Mindflights

What to type.. well usually I have a lot to say but with an European History AP exam, and a five page paper on Hamlet, and a twenty seven page play for Creative Writing (which I enjoyed doing) due this week; let’s just say… my hands are sore. This month… is was nice to not have a novel since I had a lot to do this month. Though out of the few books I did read, I must say The Host by: Stephenie Meyer was the best of them. The intricate love triangle, and interesting commentary on humanity, and of course of the alien spieces whose souls are parasites that take over people’s bodies. Over the course of the entire book I cried, laughed, and flipped through the book losing track of where I was. Only two other books have done this to me so far this year… Beyond the Reflection’s Edge… and another Bryan Davis book which will remain a secret as I am not supposed to inform the public I have read the newest OOF book… no I said nothing….. Its only rare that an author does this, make you lose track of your surroundings and cause you to have a book pasted on your face for about four days. But, seriously Stephenie Meyer is an amazing writer and her newest non Twilight-vampire novel was amazing; I really can’t wait to read more by her. Her writing and Bryan Davis’s novels both continue to be beacons of light in what has been a very depressing year for me. BTW I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn, August 2nd.

AH-hem, back on topic; anyways the topic is Mindflights, what seems to be a very organized webzine with some very interesting piece of writing. Now I have not really gone on the site till just this past Sunday and I scanned through a few of the stories and I really will when I get the free time to explore more depth some of the stories on here. But for now… I will leave you with a poem which relates quite well with Stephenie Meyer’s The Host. Also, this poem is a favorite of mine… of what I have read so far.

To D. M. Pinkwater
written by:Elizabeth H. Penrose

As the Army raised its rifles…

Read the rest of this awesome poem by clicking upon this link To D.M. Pinkwater

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Jackie Castle
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  1. Mirtika says:

    Thanks so much for participating in this blog tour for MindFlights. I’m glad the poem by Ms. Penrose.I do have to mention th at posting the whole poem violates fair use. A small excerpt with your own commentary, adding a link so others can read it in its entirety–that’s fine.But the entire poem is not fair use. Sorry. :(Could you please make an edit to the entry? It wouldn’t be too inconveniencing for your readers to click over and get the whole of it. Right?Thank you,Mirta SchultzPoetry Editor, Mindflights


  2. Mirtika says:

    Oops, I meant to say, “I’m glad the poem by Ms. Penrose was enjoyable for you.”:)I shouldn’t have rushed.LaterMir


  3. Hey, Justin, that’s my bad. I meant to say something in the email I sent with the links. We had an author complain last year about art or poetry, or maybe both. There’s the chance that the contract now allows reprinting for the purposes of promotion, but I didn’t check that out, so it’s better if we handle it as Mir suggested–the excerpt and link. Thanks so much for your participation, especially in the face of all the work you have this week!Becky


  4. Justin B. says:

    Your welcome, and I have just gone back and changed the poem to a stanza long excerpt and a link to read the rest of the poem. Thanks for the warning.. and in the future I’ll make sure not to do so again without asking for permission! I’m typing this at the moment while I am half awake from studying five hours straight for AP exams… blaughh


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