Looks like DA Vinci Code doesn’t it? Well it is a bit similar. Now most people I knew found Da Vinci Code to be a heretical book, one that no one should touch. Yet.. I am not one to listen to others opinions on things and do like to check it out for myself and judge for myself. For example Harry Potter is a series I turned out to love and I generally accept the fact many do not like it and find fault with it, while some like me find that it has some great messages about accepting those with differences, courage, and friendship. Plus, Harry Potter somehow made me a stronger Christian helping me to get through some of my darkest times. One quote mentioned by Sirius Black is one that I always hold close to my heart. “We all have good and bad within our hearts. its the choice of whether to act on the good or bad side that shapes who we are” That is not the accurate quote from the book but.. it goes somewhere along the lines of that.
Sorry, that is a bit random I am supposed to reviewing The Begotten yet I go off on one of my Harry Potter tangents. Pretty much what I was trying to say is that I actually really loved Da Vinci Code, and took what ridiculous junk Dan Brown concocted as fiction, and read through the book in about a day. His ideas and the way he writes it so ingeniously is something to really admire.
When I first received The Begotten, I was so excited because I’ve been craving for a DA Vinci Code clone done right. but I was surprised to see Lisa T. Bergen did it both differently than any of the others and in many ways supersedes Da Vinci Code. I was madly flipping through this book, and its every tosses and turns. When I got to the end, the word Sequel Coming soon.. I cried out,”NOOOO” as like every other good series, the worst is when one reaches a cliffhanger and now must wait for the next installment. But then I saw The Betrayed is actually available and well.. when I gather up the money I’ll definitely be getting it. Sorry my post is late, I’ve noticed since I post so late I barely get anyone anymore, hopefully by commenting on other people’s blogs today, I’ll get some visitors.. since Wednesday seems to be the dead day of the CSFF Blog Tour. Anyways, till next time! Sayonara!
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  2. Emmy says:

    Hey Justin,Enjoyed reading your post, I just started a blog today so you should read it 🙂


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