I first received this book as a pre published edition straight from the author and I must confess.. never did I expect for this book to be even more riveting than DIOM. For me what even amazed me more is Mr. Davis seamlessly combines high packed action sequences, deep characters, and wonderful spiritual messages without speaking down to the reader. Even better was that any of the spirituality never came off as preachy. Once a book can show a message and not just preach it, that’s when you know you are a writer. What your English teachers have always told you is rather true, show don’t tell is much more effective. I must say during the bitter cold months of winter, with all the turmoil of my life, I became very depressed and slowly went into a slumber because of depression. Yet this book was the shining torch in the dark months of my life; it really helped me to get out of my depression and I thank god that this book was written and was shone to me at the appropriate time. For any reader out there, I full heartedly recommend this awesome book to you, for this one like the works of Madeleine L’Engle, Karen Hancock, and CS Lewis seamlessly combines wonderful character with deep spiritual messages. For any reader out there, this is a must buy. The only problem with the book now I must wait till October to get the next

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