Sooo… wow I’m losing track of time. I think you know what is kicking in, seasonal affective disorder. I can feel it, sucking out all my energy, causing me to feel lethargic and I just need help to get out of the ditch I have dug myself in. For this month’s post I’m trying my hardest to not whine as Christopher Hopper’s one post said a few weeks ago, maybe sometimes blogs are used a bit too much to rant. This book really did not catch me, I seriously was somewhat skimming somewhat in the beginning. The writing was spent plodding to the point I quit at page thirty. Now I do not believe Chris Walley is a bad author, I just have not the energy to read something like this. If I had the stamina I may have gotten past that hump and like with Karen Hancock’s Arena discovered a true gem (I had so much trouble getting into Arena, when I first read it, now its one of my favorite books.)The book sounds from the other posts I’ve read as though it got very good once you got past the first hundred pages. Maybe if I take the time in the next week, I’ll try again. That is until I get out of this ditch and stop brooding. Also I need to stop rereading Twilight, I love it way too much!
Brandon Barr
Jim Black
Justin Boyer
Grace Bridges
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Chris Walley’s blog
Chris Walley
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