Well, so far my school year this year has really been going well except for some of the same problems as last year. For this year, I still have the same people bringing me down to where I was last year, far from God. Like Abramm in the Guardian King series, people are constantly trying to bring me away from my faith. Sometimes, I feel as though it should be very easy to stay strong God, but with Satan’s constant sneaky motives to bring me down it constantly is getting harder. Now, I know I should just ditch these certain people bringing me away from God with their so called *superior* liberal views. Its hard though to leave them for there are many others like me in a school of 4,000. I mean of course by boys who love reading books/hate sports type, but there are many of them out there, there just is not many boys with high morals! Sad no wonder why so many girls b/c lesbains

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  1. Eve says:

    Hi, just wanted to encourage you to stay strong in God, and when you feel you can’t, remember that you are in the palm of His hand-He’s holding ya up. I’ve been out of school a while (I’m not that old yet *grin*) but I remember how hard it was. I didn’t have any friends in my grade that I could relate to on a spiritual level-only one other Christian there. I could have chosen to compromise in order to fit in, but I didn’t-thank God. I spent quite a few very lonely years there, though. Looking back, it was the best thing that happened to me-God was so close and so real to me. He became my all-in-all, my one desire. I needed that time with Him to prepare me for the even tougher future-and He blessed me for it.I now have a family that really love me, and a few really good friends to encourage me.I am still struggling to hang on to Him (it doesn’t get easier) but now I can look back on those times and remember how awesome God was to me then. It enables me to press on.He is real, and we owe Him our very lives-a living sacrifice. Tough thing about a living sacrifice, though-it tends to crawl off the alter 🙂


  2. Eve says:

    PS-Did you want to have your profile on the top right or do you purposely have it down low?If you want it up higher, decrease the size of your main-wrap until it slides up there. (I do some blog hacking for fun (legal stuff-of course).


  3. Eve says:

    Hi, me again. I know I’m plaguing you with comments here, but I had an idea. I sell blog designs with customized add-on. I’d like to give you one for free (I know, sounds weird, but we Christ- followers can do weird things sometimes) The blog design is here Red MetalIf this is really not you, just let me know. I’ll email you the template if you want it. I’m at ed-en4@hotmail.com Why? ‘Cause everyone needs a little encouragement once in a while. Also, I love creating them and I don’t know anyone else who wants one right now (I’ve made a dozen of them, at least).If you’d prefer something else (swords, dragons,etc) just let me know and I will simply design one for ya (I’ve been itching to try another).In case your totally weirded out-sorry.


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