Perdita by Hilary Scharper Blog Feature Part 2-Review &Literary Tea Recommendation

Amazon/Barnes & Nobles/ Kobo/Goodreads   Main Review: Perdita is a lesser known character from Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, which I have never read or really had any familiarity whatsoever with any of its characters till settling down to read Hilary Scharper’s enrapturing, thoughtful, strangely alluring ghostly, gothic mystery tale. The basic premise of the story involves Garth, a…

Review of The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit by Graham Joyce

Amazon/Barnes & Nobles/ Books-A-Million/ Goodreads       Combining the air of whimsical charm of Tim Burton’s Big Fish and the slightly offbeat, lugubrious melodrama of Donnie Darko,you end up with my best description of the type of unconventional storytelling that is at the heart of Graham Joyce’s newest novel The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit….